Taste and Difficulty Ratings

G- Good (a tasty meal)
VG- Very Good (a really tasty meal)
GR- Great (a wonderful treat)
TF- Tastebud Festival (One of the most tasty meals I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying!)

Difficulty of 1- Anyone out there can prepare this dish, just believe in yourself.

Difficulty of 2- Requires a little cooking know-how but anyone willing to take a little time will be able to get through it.

Difficulty of 3- A rewarding but tasty challenge that is going to take time, paitence and maybe a few searches on the internet to get to the table.

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Previously posted on about us as "What's with the Taste levels? "

Posted by Francis E. Keyser Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why in the world did we choose G, VG, GR, VGR and TF? Well early on we decided that we wouldn't post anything that we didn't enjoy. (There have been a couple times where one of us really enjoyed something and the other didn't, in those cases we give the meal an automatic G.)

The ratings basically work like this; G-VG recipes are meals that we enjoyed, GR-VGR are recipes that we really enjoyed and TF rated meals are some of the best meals we've ever had, ever.

There is a little more that goes into the taste ratings. For one I automatically knock off taste levels for 90 percent of sides, salads and other easy things to make. Why? Because you can have a great salad, but in my opinion it is still a salad. I wouldn't consider a great salad to be on the same level as a great pizza or a great pizza to be on the same level as a fancy seafood dish. So to adjust to this difference in meals discrepancy I automatically lower ratings in certain cases to be more fair.

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